About Ribbons of Comfort

Ribbons of Comfort performs acts of compassion for cancer patients in treatment to support and improve quality of life. Many cancer patients dedicate economic, mental, physical and spiritual energy to recovery. Comfort during the recovery journey is often lost as a priority. Frequently, a person’s economic barriers and limited resources constrain the level of comfort that they can provide for themselves. Ribbons of Comfort provides for the needs of individuals in recovery. These goods and services may include: fresh fruit, books, DVDS, literature, CD’s, healthy snacks, warm blankets and more. 100% of the patients we serve are receiving outpatient treatment for their cancer at the St. Agnes Cancer Center.

Dona's Story

Where did it all start? Dates can be tied to anything in Dona Connelly’s life. She charged on and her motto was “live life large”. What can be said is that Dona was originally identified with cancer at age 37. At this time, she had a partial mastectomy and thought she would be cancer free. But at age 45, she was told that the cancer had returned and metastasized to her bones. This was late in 2005. Dona was able to get into a cancer treatment program, and the results that she received gave her inspiration to help others. By May of 2006 when she finished her first trial, life was turning “pink” and her friends and family were recruited to make a difference. Dona’s focus was Susan G. Komen Maryland Affiliate and projects that enhance the “Diva” or “Dude” that exist inside each of us as we move to conquering this disease. Hence the creation of “Dona’s Dudes and Diva’s” to participate in the 2006 Komen walk to raise money for breast cancer.

The inner strength that each of us, survivors, friends, family and co-workers call upon to ensure that we all grow, learn, live like there is no tomorrow and dance like no one is watching! From June until October, Dona’s Dudes and Diva’s raised in excess of $16,000 which was donated to Susan G. Komen Maryland. The fundraising was exhilarating and faced paced with auctions, sponsorships and an appearance on WBAL “Manic Monday”.

But raising money for Komen did not quench her thirst to help. She requested that her small group of “dudes and divas” volunteer with other local groups who raised money for cancer. Our weekends were spent at numerous cancer functions, doing anything we could. The passion that Dona had for the cause inspired us to follow and help.

During all of the events in that year, Dona’s group was being noticed for their signature pink boas. Being the smart business woman that she was, Dona capitalized on this recognition. She recognized that breast cancer was not the only cancer that she suffered from. It was time to start her own organization. Her treatment during this time was being administrated by the St Agnes Cancer Treatment Center.

The relationships that Dona nurtured during her treatment at the Center allowed her to start “Ribbons of Comfort” in July of 2007. With an initial donation of $3,000 her dream of being able to make a difference was born. We kicked off our fundraising in October 2007 with a silent and live auction that raised over $5,000. Ribbons of Comfort was on its way. Over the next several months, Dona tirelessly spoke to different organizations and continued to raise money for the foundation.

Dona started loosing her battle with cancer in January 2008, and finally succumbed to the disease on March 11, 2008. In just the few short months that she was able to dedicate to the foundation, almost $15,000 was raised to assist the St. Agnes Cancer Center.

The need to recognize and make known the inner strength and generosity of friends, family and an amazing network of support have resulted in what will hopefully be an organization that will survive as a legacy to their support and the support of millions of other survivors and their support teams.