Ribbons of Comfort performs acts of compassion for cancer patients in treatment to support and improve quality of life. Many cancer patients dedicate economic, mental, physical and spiritual energy to recovery. Comfort during the recovery journey is often lost as a priority. Frequently, a person’s economic barriers and limited resources constrain the level of comfort that they can provide for themselves. Ribbons of Comfort provides for the needs of individuals in recovery. These goods and services may include: fresh fruit, books, DVDS, literature, CD’s, healthy snacks, warm blankets and more. 100% of the patients we serve are receiving outpatient treatment for their cancer at the St. Agnes Cancer Center.

Personal Comfort

The small comforts slip to the side or fall completely off the list of things to do. ROC provides massages that will help the survivor feel better about themselves when someone else takes care of them for a few minutes and stress the importance to do nice things for oneself in the midst of the turmoil.

Interactive Comfort

Waiting is the name of the game when you are in treatment for cancer. And WOW is it boring. Old magazines, Oprah repeats and donuts dull the mind, fatten the body and make the waiting time seem much longer than it is.

ROC provides current magazines, healthy food and meditational CD's that allow for a productive use of waiting time and creates a "fresher" atmosphere. This service indicates to the survivor and the extended family, who often accompany them to treatment, that someone is looking out for them.

Survivors and their families deserve more than the "leftovers" and ROC is here to ensure that they receive it.